Vanguard lawsuits and supporting documents

It should be noted that there are themes in these lawsuits in many cases; including age discrimination (in case you don’t know over 40 is considered old), race discrimination, hostile work environment and a strong history of retaliation. In many cases, once the Plaintiff(s) reached out to Human Resources or management often times the Plaintiff was retaliated against for expressing concerns. It’s also very interesting to note the longevity of many of the Vanguard employees, they were ‘long timers’ for the most part, 10+ years of employment.

Karen Brock files lawsuit for retaliation for being a Whistleblower, December, 2016,Karen Brock Whistleblower Lawsuit, in the lawsuit Karen shares that she went to Vanguard to inform Vanguard of issues with security that would jeopardize clients confidential information. Vanguard refused to act on her information and she then told her story to Susan Antilla, journalist, who then wrote about these issues. Shortly after articles published Karen was fired.

David Danon’s legal case continues, he has filed an appeal in the Third Circuit Court of Appeals, having filed this, June 22, 2016. The docket in Pacer ( shows that a meeting is on the calendar for January 26, 2017. The SEC filed an Amicus brief on David’s behalf. David is also alleging Whistleblower retaliation, having gone to Vanguard to share the violation of tax code section 482, later being fired after going to the IRS as a Whistleblower.

**Those new to the legal process, cases from State, Federal can be appealed to the Circuit Court, in PA Third Circuit, in Charlotte for Leigh Ann Harris it was Fourth Circuit. If a case is dismissed in the Circuit Court a plaintiff can still appeal to the United States Supreme Court. Currently Leigh Ann Harris vs The Vanguard Group is in Supreme Court, scheduled for conference  January 6, 2017.

disability-insuranceMary LeGendre vs. The Vanguard Group Inc Short Term Disability Plan, Filed 12/22/2014,mary-legengre-vs-vanguard-group-inc-std-plan This lawsuit was missed and therefore being put here, out of order.  This lawsuit deals with the mishandling of an employee’s short term medical disability with Sedgewick, which, my understanding, has been an issue with several others.

mental-stigma-changeVeronica suffers from severe depression, general anxiety, borderline personality disorder, bi-polar disorder, insomnia, and related conditions associated with these disabilities. She has chosen to be a voice and advocate for those who have been discriminated against for these disabilities.  Veronica Ann Coia vs The Vanguard Group, Sallie Sharer, Laura Chambers, Lisa Smith, is bringing charges against Vanguard for discrimination and harassment on the basis of Ms. Coia’s disability or perceived disability, retaliation for Ms. Coia’s seeking accommodation of her disability or perceived disability, retaliation for Ms. Coia’s complaints about discrimination and harassment, and retaliation for Ms. Coia taking leave pursuant to FMLA.. PA case number 16 3579, pleading_paper, Here are additional court records for Veronica, Veronica Lawsuit…Veronica Lawsuit… JURY TRIAL SET FOR MARCH 16, 2017 IN PA

age discim 3Class Action age discrimnation lawsuit, Age Discrimnation and Retalitaion, filed May, 25, 2016, represented by the lawfirm Jacobson & Rooks, in PA, Jared Jacobson, representing Andy Strum.

stop discrimination

UPDATE 9/26/2016 James files james-third-amended-complaint, James vs The Vanguard Group, Perry Board, Alba Martinez, Aaron Montenegro, Benjamin Trites, John Does I-X, Jane Does I-X.

Aeritha James, Plaintiff vs The Vanguard  Group, AJ’s Lawsuit, was filed March 11, 2016 in AZ. The charges include racketeering associated with an employment matter in violation of RICO (document will address specifically), racial discrimination, retaliation, discrimination on the basis of disability, sexual harassment, and wrongful termination. Ms. James has been very detailed and  noted specific individuals that participated in the violations and she has provided over 300 line items to detail the experiences.


Jennifer Brown Vanguard Lawsuit, this lawsuit was filed February 29, 2016, and Ms. Brown is alleging discrimination based on disability, retaliation for requesting accommodations, retaliation for complaints about experiencing retaliation and harassment and retaliation for taking FMLA. Common theme that exists in many of  the lawsuits.

class actionClass Action lawsuit Joseph Fee Jr. and other similiarly situated employees vs. The Vanguard Group, filed December 3, 2015, Plaintiff is filing lawsuit stating job position changed, and that over a three year period his personal records indicate Vanguard underpaid him by 525 hours. It appears a settlement date of 3/24/2016 has been set.

deniedVicki B. Hernadez vs. Sedgewick Claims Management, The Vanguard Group & Vanguard Short-term Disability Plan, filed October 30, 2015, Vicki Hernadez, Ms. Hernadez was out on short-term medical disability, returned, and had a need to leave again for the same issue. She has filed a lawsuit claiming she was wrongly denied benefits when in need of them. It appears this case settled.

americans with disabilites act

[pdf_attachment file=”1″ name=”Cassandra Ballard-Carter lawsuit”] was filed September 29, 2015, in the United States District Court The Eastern District of Pennsylvania.   This is an employment discrimination lawsuit alleging disability discrimination, a hostile work environment, a failure to accommodate and retaliation in violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA”).
faith1Leigh Ann -v-Vanguard-Group, filed July 22, 2015, in Charlotte, NC. Plaintiff is alleging that Vanguard discriminated and retaliated against her for making known her Christian faith and for  pursuing a Faith based group within Vanguard. Plaintiff was the ‘voice of the faith community’ seeking an opportunity to allow people of faith the same privileges Vanguard allows other groups, such as, the Women in Leadership, The Hispanic, Black  and Asian groups,  and the LGBT community.

US Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals, Filed 02/24/2016, Informal Brief, US Appeals Filing 022416. Vanguard has 17 days to reply, and I have 13 days to reply to there response.

Petition filed in Supreme Court of the United States, November 1, 2016, asking the court to allow Plaintiff to present her facts before a lower court, NO court ever allowed Plaintiff the opportunity to present her factual evidence. Petition denied January 9, 2017, with 7 Justices weighing in, Justice Alito declined (he has assets with Vanguard).  SCOTUS filing docket 16-601.


race discimation2

Thom-Parson-v-Vanguard-Group filed his lawsuit July 16, 2015.  It states, ‘Thom Parson initiates this action to seek redress against the Defendant for unlawful age and race discrimination in violation of federal and state law.

too oldJoan-Preston-v-Vanguard-Group, filed 12/22/2014 ,age discrimination. Joan was hired by Vanguard 12/4/2000, and at the time of the incidents she was 69-71 years of age.


Rebecca-Snow-v-Vanguard-Group, filed 12/7/2014, Plaintiff claiming age discrimination, FLMA violations,  and retaliation. Judge responded to summary judgment of motion to dismiss, denying Vanguard the ability to dismiss any claims in the lawsuit. Rebecca_Snow_Summary_Judgment_Decision

age discmin4Jennifer-DeStolfo-v-Vanguard-Group, filed 7/31/2014, Plaintiff is claiming age discrimination. Jennifer was hired by Vanguard around October, 2000.


Ingram-DiGiovanni-Kenworthy-v-Vanguard-Group, filed 6/13/2014, these three women, Donna Ingram, Jo DiGiovanni, and Wendy Kenworthy  have various claims, including age, race and gender discrimination. They have also mentioned a hostile work environment and retaliation.


Bui-v-Vanguard-Group, lawsuit filed 8/14/2014,  Hieu Bui is claiming gender discrimination and retaliation. He was hired by Vanguard in 1999 and prior to 2011 had no issues. He experienced retaliation when he went to HR and expressed his views on how he was being treated unfairly.


Stephen-Kennard-v-Vanguard-Group, filed 5/5/2014, Plaintiff was hired by Vanguard in 1999, his lawsuit deals with Vanguard not abiding by the Americans with Disabilities Act.

age discim 3Henry-Aiken-settlement-order, lawsuit filed 5/10/2013, age and race discrimination, hire date January, 1996. PACER indicated ‘dismissed-settled’.


Christopher-DeMeo-v-Vanguard-Group, filed January, 2014, DeMeo has sued Vanguard arguing that it has violated the FMLA, the Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA”), and the Pennsylvania Human Relations Act (“PHRA”). He alleges retaliation in violation of the ADA and FMLA and harassment in violation of the FMLA. Vanguard has moved for summary judgment on all of DeMeo’s claims.

Kelly-Snyder-v-Vanguard-Group, filed 10/21/2013

Francois-Lafate-v-Vanguard_Group, filed 9/20/2013

Danon-v-Vanguard-Group, filed 5/8/2013

Ranstad case, Jama, Wulc, Burrow, Rosenberg, filed 8/15/2012, age discrimination, settled

Kelly-et-al-v-Vanguard-Group, filed 8/8/2011

Leon-Binder-v-Vanguard-Group, filed 1/5/2010, age discrimination and retaliation, settled

EEOC v. Vanguard Group Inc., Barbara Alexander, filed 1/4/2010

EEOC v. The Vanguard Group Inc-Ross-Consent-Decree, filed 2/28/2008