is investing without a conscience….

comments equate a decision to support the genocide proxy as the equivalent to not supporting tobacco companies, companies that are global friendly….taking a human beings life for a difference of views or opinions or where they come from is not equivalent to these analogies. Would you remain in an index fund that supported North Korea’s regime, or the atrocities of Hitlers regime? All for the sake of ‘having the right exposure to the market?’

Index funds don’t have any policies built in to encourage ethical and moral behavior. Companies, as we have seen, can create products that contribute to the collapse of the financial industry (credit default swaps as one), can evade taxes, embezzle funds, promote illegal practices in their organization, and yet an index fund will continue to invest because the company represents the market.


Something is inherently wrong in our society when there are no consequences for unethical and immoral behavior on a massive level such as indexing.